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Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to help you with any pest control needs you might have.

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When you want to get rid of pests, you want to be sure that the people who are taking care of your home are trustworthy and reliable. That’s why we put our reputation on the line every day to keep your home safe from pests, while also treating you like a person instead of just another customer. We can service your whole house or just a few rooms, depending on your needs. Our technicians are trained in the latest pest control methods and use the most effective products for eliminating insects, spiders, and rodents from your home. Our pest control company serves in and around Falmouth, ME.

We provide the following pest control services:

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Don’t let annoying pests take over your home! Allow our pest control company to help you restore your peace of mind. We serve in and around Falmouth, ME. We will assess your house for evidence of infestation before determining the best action plan. Our solutions are suitable for use around people, pets, and kids. When you work with us, you get a friendly and highly trained professional at your service. We’ll handle all your pest control needs.