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When it comes to pest control near Harrison, ME, we’re the experts. Have any questions? Check our FAQ.

Common Queries

General Questions

Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem on my own?

Self-treating is tricky. Buying a random product off the shelf and applying it without knowing what you are using and why can also be very risky.

Why should I hire a professional pest control service?

A PMP or pest control professopmañ has a wealth of knowledge. The services provided take a lot of risks and stress off of you. Knowing where to look, what to look for, and how to remove the problem.

Is this safe for my family and pets?

Treatments performed by our professionals are done for the safety of your loved ones and the environment. We take pride in our work and use strict cacao and detail with all our services.

Will I feel secure with your pest control professionals in my home?

All our professionals are courteous and friendly.

How soon can you come to my home?

We try to do same-day service as often as possible.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

Every service is unique, and each pest is different, but most of our services do not require you to leave. We aim to treat your problems without interrupting your daily life.

How soon before we can expect results?

Every home is unique. Each situation is specific to the pest. Some pests are resolved in days, some in weeks. Others depending on the infestations and timing, could be months. We always go over expectations at the service, so you know what will happen and for how long.

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