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Mosquito and Tick Control

We'll inspect your property to determine what kind of treatment is best for your needs.

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Professional Mosquito Control Services in Harrison, ME, and all Southern Maine

Tired of mosquitoes? Ticks too? We know how it goes. Mosquitoes and ticks can ruin your day, week, or summer. And when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors, it’s hard not to get annoyed at the buzzing, biting pests that plague us every year. At North East Pest Solutions, we want you to be able to enjoy your yard again—without worrying about mosquitoes and ticks ruining your fun. That’s why we offer mosquito control services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Harrison, ME, and all Southern Maine.

Reliable Backyard Mosquito Control

We’ll inspect your property for signs of an infestation and then treat those areas that are found to have an issue. This will help us prevent future problems at your home or business. You can also choose between monthly or quarterly treatments to suit your needs. Mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, malaria, and more! commercial pest control

Team Up With Our Mosquito Pest Control Experts

Protecting your property is important whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. When left untreated, mosquitoes can bring diseases! Let us help you keep your property in Harrison, ME, and all Southern Maine, free of mosquitoes and ticks. We offer both conventional and organic methods to eliminate these pests. Call us now and ask about our Mosquito and Tick control Service for $50 a month!